Friday, May 25, 2012

Clearance Items

     There was a lady who came in today and wanted an item at a reduced price.  Now, this isn't an abnormal thing.  In fact, it normally happens on a daily basis.  But this lady... well, she was a little different.

She comes up to me with two items - both she proclaims are on clearance.
Item #1: There was a red Clearance! tag with a reduced price printed on it.  It was ringing up correctly in the system.  The problem?  It wasn't "cheap enough" for her to buy it yet.  She wanted it marked down more.
What I wanted to say, "Are you seriously trying to haggle with me?!  What do you think this is - a bartering system?"
What I actually said, "I'm sorry, but everything is priced as marked."

Item #2: No red Clearance! tag or reduced price.  No sale ringing up in the register system.  The item was not marked down.  The problem: she "found it" on a shelf with other clearance items.
What I wanted to say, "If someone touches something and puts it down in the wrong spot, that's not our fault.  We can't control every single person in the store.  Trust me, the workplace would be a much nicer place if we could.  Could you imagine the fun we could have with that?!"
What I actually said, "I'm sorry, but everything is priced as marked."

She didn't like my answers, though, and (of course) asked for a manager to come talk to her.  Instead of explaining her story, though, she practically yelled at him that it's a state law for him to sell everything to her at a reduced price because she demanded it.  I had to look away to keep from laughing out loud!  Next time she comes in, I'll have to ask her what state she's from.  I want to move there!

Sunday, July 18, 2010

Cell Phone Etiquette

I realized that there are actually some people out there that are unaware of how much a cell phone and a "private conversation" between them and the other end of the call are affecting other people.  So now I bring you: the do's and don'ts of cell phones in retail.

  • End your conversation before you check out in line.
  • Call someone if you have a problem locating them while in the same store.
  • Have all giftcard or registry barcodes or names scannable or readable and ready before approaching an employee with a question about said giftcard/registry.
  • Call or text it if you lose it in the store.
  • Have an emergency or I.C.E. (In Case of Emergency) number listed.
  • Have fun ringtones that I can dance/sing to since I have to listen to it go off anyway.
  • Use it as a calculator instead of asking me what 30% off would be.
  • Engrave your phone with your name. (genius idea!)

  • Check out in my line and ignore me while talking on your phone.
  • Ask me questions and then pick up your phone while I'm answering you.
  • Throw your battery "accidentally" under a soda cooler and make me fetch it for you.
  • Slide your phone down the aisle to see how far it will go on the newly waxed floors and wait for me to slip and fall on it.
  • Let your children play with it and then yell at them when they press buttons.
  • Have a heated discussion on the phone and ask me questions about who I think is right or wrong.
  • Use your phone as a measuring tape.
  • Put your phone on a random shelf and forget where you left it.
  • Talk on the phone via a bluetooth device while looking straight at me and ask a question.
  • Have a lock on your phone ('cause if you lose it, we can't answer it when you call.)
And finally....
  • Don't drop your phone in the toilet (after you used it) and ask us to get it out for you.

Friday, July 16, 2010

The Good, The Bad, The Ugly....

We're holding a special today!  For one day only we're featuring:

The Good: A younger lady came up to the service desk today to return an item and we had a very pleasant conversation.  She wanted to know all about how my day was going (a rare occurrence), if I got to go home any time soon and enjoy the rest of the day (an even rarer occurrence), and then wished I'd have a "fabulous day!"
But wait, there's more!  She left with her receipt, but came back about 3 minutes later with a little child's left flip-flop they must've lost in the parking lot.  She came all the way back in to give it to us!  And, on top of it, came back (again) a moment later when she found the child and his mother to pick up the shoe and deliver it to them.  There is still hope in this world!!

The Bad: I was blocking off a cashier's lane so they could leave and clock out for the day when someone came up and asked me if they were still open.  I stated clearly that they were closed, but the checkout lane right next to it was open if they wanted to go there.  The person looked me in the eye and said, "oh, okay" and seemed to leave.  Little did I know, she was actually waiting 'til I wasn't looking anymore... For when I turned around, who did I see?  YES.  That sneaky little woman had gone around me when my head was turned and hopped right into the closed line!  And what's worse, when the cashier asked her how if she found what she was looking for, she pulled out her cell phone and started chatting.  How rude.

The Ugly: Being a smaller store, we have limited means in the handicapped department as far as motorized carts go.  We have a whopping total of: 2.  And when an overweight couple comes in (we're talking the kind that can't see their feet past their chins) and wants to use both carts because walking is clearly too much of a hassle, we then have a total of 0.
This created a problem a few days ago when an elderly gentleman wanted to go shopping with his grandchildren.  It was apparent that he had trouble getting around with just his cane and the cast on his leg indicated a broken foot in the near past.  He wanted a motorized cart.  Unfortunately they were trapped underneath the couple, probably sputtering and wheezing out their last breath and crying for help somewhere down the chips/snacks aisle.  He said he understood and went over to the little cafe area with his grandkids to wait for them to return.  45 minutes later, up come the carts going 3.4mph with their passengers taking their time.  The man waited patiently without complaint and in the meantime bought the kids a bag of popcorn and a drink and had their own little laughs while they were there.  They were grateful to receive the cart (almost an hour later), but I wish they didn't have to wait.

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Last Minute Shoppers

The time is 1 minute 'til closing.  This is the time for waiting - waiting for those last 3 guests to bring their items to the front to check out.  Once they're out of the store, we're FREE.  (Well, not really... we just don't have to deal with any more people after closing time.)  But anyway, 2 guests come up, check out, and leave... the third one is on their way and I am anxiously watching the seconds tick by.  45... 44... 43... 42...

And then the doors open.
5 more people walk in.
And the phone rings.

This is the time when my patience is tested and I see how well I can hold back a groan that would wake the Lochness Monster himself from his sleeping depth in the whats-it-called lake and all the while holding a smile on my face as if nothing is wrong.

And don't ask me "if it's okay."  'Cause even though I'm required to tell you, "yes." it's really not.  Hours of operation exist for a reason.  And the reason is so I can go home. There's even a sign on the door that says we're closed.  It's the one that says: C-l-o-s-e-d.  Do not come in.  Do not pass go.  Do not collect $200. 
People should really go to jail for that.

Saturday, July 10, 2010

Why the Rush?

People are always in such a hurry.  I worked at Disney World a little while back and it's funny to watch people run from one side of the park to the other - jumping over people, shoving them aside, dragging their kids behind them - just to cut in front of one person in line.  They'd rush for 10 minutes just to wait in line for 40 minutes.  Dude, you're going to be waiting in line anyway so why do you need to hurry?

The same applies for shopping.  When women "go shopping," they either take their time and try on clothes and look at jewelry or they just come in for one or two things they happened to forget from the time before.  When families shop, they start off slow but then the kids get bored and start to goof off and that eventually turns into the mother yelling at the kids to stop screaming and throwing things and the father pretending he's not part of the family.  And men... Well, most men just don't "shop."

A woman was in a hurry yesterday to get to my store.  Not to buy groceries or to pick up some last minute item before work - to come to a clothing store.  As I am walking out at the end of my shift, a car breaks at the stop sign in front of the crosswalk to let people pass (myself included) and exit the store.  The car behind this one, however, did not like this idea.  So she decides to pass the stopped car by pulling into the oncoming lane and shove her way through the pedestrian crosswalk.  I am in the pedestrian crosswalk.  I am also the closest to her car.  I am also about hit by her car!  We're talkin' her barely braking less than 1 foot away from me and my frail little body.  I wanted to slam my hands down on her hood and yell, "I'm walkin' here!"  But I didn't know if that would be a bit much.

Thursday, July 8, 2010

Pet Peeve #23: Changing your mind

Not many things in retail upset me - perhaps that's why I've stuck with it for so long.  But one of my biggest pet peeves has developed from working in retail: the inability for people to own up to the fact that they don't want something.  It seems like such an easy and simple thing... You don't want it, so put it back.  Don't just leave it on a shelf and hope someone else will pick up after you.

You think I don't see you, lady in the blue shirt.  You just so happened to pass me barely inches away and, without glancing back, throw some black shorts onto my shelf I was trying to fix.  As if I wouldn't notice!  Is it really so inconvenient to tell your cashier that you don't want something?  I mean, really - how hard is it to say 4 little words, "I changed my mind."
It's so much easier for us (who've probably helped you find and pick out the product to begin with) to deal with it immediately once you're done with it than to find it in the toy aisle or (more often than not) stuffed in with the condoms.

Lesson of the day - Stop leaving things stuffed inside a cooler just because you changed your mind.  It's annoying.

Thursday, July 1, 2010

Reading is Only Sometimes Necessary in Life

A woman calls me over to the register today to ask me a question: "I saw something on sale for $2.50, but I didn't like it.  So I went and picked up some Sprite instead.  Can I get the same price?"

I thought she was joking at first.  She looked to be about 34 years of age or so and at least semi-intelligent (which could have been my first mistake) so the possibility of her being able to read was one I thought she had in the bag.  Apparently I was wrong.

I said, "Wait... you want this product for the price of something else in a different part of the store?"

"Yeah, is that okay?"

"Haha!  Oh, uhm........No."

Seriously, lady?  What's wrong with you?